Bah For Dual Military Couples

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If Basic Allowance for Housing rates decrease (whether due to the incorporation of an out-of-pocket, the removal of renter’s insurance, declining rental/utility prices in the area, or any combination), members already receiving Basic Allowance for Housing for the area will be rate protected at the previous year’s Basic Allowance for Housing rate.

rmks/1. this navadmin announces a change to basic allowance to housing (bah) entitlements for dual military couples when one or both are on sea duty. per ref a, a service member married to another service member, in paygrade e5 or below, assigned to permanent sea duty is authorized basic allowance for housing. 2.

In general, dual military couples without dependents each receive their respective BAH. In dual military families with dependents, the higher ranking service member receives BAH at the.

The philosophy has been that Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is a key element of military compensation needed to keep pace with civilian worker salaries, so it should not reduced or eliminated.

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Senior NCOs oppose BAH cut for dual-military couples. The Pentagon’s seven top enlisted leaders sent a rare joint letter to Congress criticizing the controversial proposal to limit dual-military couples to a single housing allowance payment.

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Slashing dual BAH was proposed as a way to save money since dual military couples don’t typically have larger housing expenses than a family with only one military member. However, it’s easy to argue that BAH is an integral part of military compensation and taking away BAH from one member of a dual military household amounts to a significant pay cut.

Dual military couples should request the MOST expensive duty station possible. This allows for the highest BAH rates. In turn, the couple can save huge sums of money by maintaining affordable housing. Get creative, especially if you don’t have children. Have roommates, rent a room on AirBNB, or even rent a basement or bedroom in a house.