Estimated Remaining Economic Life


FHA Appraiser says "remaining economic life" on a property (in good condition) that was built in 1986 is 25 years. Bank won’t do 30 year loan. So this (idiot) appraiser (from out of town) declares the remaining economic life on a property is 25 years but gives no reason why.

There’s never any lack of confusion when it comes to the topic of estimating Remaining Economic Life (REL). For the most part, this confusion centers on the misunderstanding that REL is reflective.

The Assessed value is for taxation purposes and is the market value estimated as of July 1st of the previous year and a current market. Remaining Economic Life.

Effective Age vs Economic Life Effective age is the age of a property based upon its condition, not its actual age. If an appraiser examines a building that is 25 years old, but because of superior upkeep has the condition of an 11-year-old building, the appraiser may use the 11-year-old age as the effective age of the property.

As you reach certain stages in life, the risk of you dying changes and impacts the estimated years you have left to live. 84.3 statistics compiled by the members of the Organisation for Economic Co.

Still, the child care plan deserves scrutiny under a pro-life lens, especially given the reasons why women say they get.

Transformer Overloading and Assessment of Loss-of-Life for Liquid-Filled Transformers . P.K. Sen, PhD, Estimated Remaining Life

Any estimate of Remaining Economic Life, together with a Quality rating, is an estimate of the percentage of cost new being paid by the market. This is true because Remaining Economic Life / Economic Life is the percentage of cost being paid by the market, and each quality rating has a specified economic life.

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8. Economic Life: 55 Years x 43.13% = 23.72 9. effective age Estimate: SAY 24 years 10. chronological Age (35) Effective Age of Comparable (24) If this process is repeated to the other Comparables, a simple range is developed and the appraiser could reasonably determine an effective age by comparison for the subject