getting a mortgage with poor credit

Good loans help you grow your net worth and build credit. But they can also be bad news if you make borrowing. They might sue you and garnish your wages or get a lien put on your property. If.

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If you have good credit, you can get a mortgage loan from most lenders with only a 5% down payment, because you’re seen as a low risk. If you have bad credit, the lender is taking on a higher risk by loaning you money, so most will want a much larger down payment – often 20-25%.

While it may be technically possible for you to get a mortgage when you have a poor credit history, you also have the option of trying to improve your credit score first, in order to increase your chances of getting accepted for a ‘normal’ mortgage.

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THE BAD MORTGAGE APPROVAL PROCESS. To get started any lender considering a bad credit mortgage application will assess the applicant to determine the level of risk.Every bank or lending agency has its own set of criteria to determine if an application should be approved. Some of the most common requirements for approval are listed here:

Risks of getting a home loan with bad credit. When you have bad credit, you’re seen as a bigger risk in the eyes of lenders. As a result, you’re likely going to pay more for your loan than someone with an excellent score. For the most part, you’ll see the impact of this in the interest rates you’re offered.

This may end up being an exhausting search, but if you work with a mortgage broker, they should have a list of potential lenders for you. Pay More Upfront. Making a larger down payment is one option you may have for a bad credit mortgage. Poor credit means you’re a higher risk for the lender, so you’ll be expected to put down more upfront.