questions for mortgage lenders


  1. – More than 1/2 of mortgage debtors get their loans through agents.The primary gain of the use of a mortgage dealer, instead of going through a bank, is that the dealer can save amongst numerous creditors to find the exceptional deal. But do you know what are the most important questions you should ask your mortgage lender?

    VA Loan Rates Questions and Answers 6 Questions To Ask A Mortgage Lender – Mr. Cooper Blog – Got questions to ask a mortgage lender? From refinance questions to mortgage loan questions to questions about interest rates, things can get complicated. Here are a few of Mr. Cooper’s answers to some typical questions for mortgage lenders.

    9 Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Lender – Buying a new home? Don’t be unprepared. Here are 9 questions to ask a mortgage lender. You’ll find questions that have to do with interest rates, private mortgage insurance, discount points, origination fees, and more.